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Bob Young and Associates has been a leading player in the South African motor industry recruitment sector since 1989. During this time it has successfully placed hundreds of top-calibre people in positions across the broadest scale of industry disciplines - sales, service, parts, technical, administrative and financial, from eager young apprentices to talented front-line people, senior managers, dealer principals, directors and higher.

Our success is firmly planted on the foundation of a deeply ingrained knowledge of the industry we serve.

We are a specialist consultancy. Note that word "specialist." It means we work exclusively with automotive industry-related clients. No others. In the process, we have developed what is probably the most comprehensive database in South Africa of potential candidates to fill positions in all disciplines and at all levels in the industry.

Why use a specialist?

Good question. In any industry, recruitment consultants provide a valuable skills pool in the recruitment of personnel. But let's face it - they are too often regarded (like insurance) as a necessary evil. There are valid reasons for this - one in particular is the irritating cascade of unsuitable CVs dumped on managers' desks by non-specialist agencies. That tells you they lack understanding of the auto industry and how it works.

That is not our way. From long experience, we know how it works. So instead of being a necessary evil, Bob Young & Associates is a necessary business partner.

Long experience has helped us to amass an unrivalled knowledge of the auto industry's manpower resources and needs - and in the process to build a reputation for integrity and credibility. We are not in the business of simply collecting a fee for filling a vacant job space. Our business is enhancing the quality and efficiency of staff selection processes.

And because we are specialists in our craft, Bob Young & Associates delivers a more advanced level of service. Look at just two immediate benefits -
  • Our database of applicants is so extensive that after being given a job brief by an employer we can often fill a position without even having to advertise it.
  • In seeking to fill posts, some non-specialist recruitment agencies will employ the "throw mud at the wall" technique - just in the hope that some of it sticks. It's also known as the "spray and pray" method, where prospective employers are burdened with indiscriminate loads of inappropriate CVs. When we send you CVs we know that any one could be the person you're looking for.

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